The Next Steps for Creating an Online HME Business

By Kamal Haddad on 26 August 2016

By now, everyone knows DME/HME dealers and pharmacies should be selling online through their own websites. Some have gone down that path and succeeded, while others have failed. Perhaps more surprising is the number of folks who remain

Understanding the Caretail/Cash Sales Challenge

By Kamal Haddad on 01 August 2016

See Our Article on Cash Sales in MedTrade’s August 1st Newsletter! To get a better understanding of how cash sales can help your business, Health Mobius has published an article in MedTrade’s August 1st Newsletter to help you get

#HealthMobiusHelpsSchools – An Exciting Announcement from Health Mobius!

By Kamal Haddad on 25 March 2016

The entire idea behind Health Mobius is to help people, more specifically to help those who help others. While this generally means we help health care practitioners or personal trainers, we sometimes find ways to help those outside

Health Mobius Teams with Sigvaris to Enhance Retail-as-a-Service Offering

By Kamal Haddad on 21 March 2016

Health Mobius announces a partnership with global manufacturer Sigvaris to allow healthcare and fitness providers, DME’s and chiropractors to sell compression therapy products online and profit. Health Mobius’ makes retail-as-a-service simple and effortless by handling all the logistics

Is It Time for a Refresh?

By Kamal Haddad on 11 February 2016

Sometimes a website (especially a product site) can make a big difference in a person’s life. While we are proud of our own newly refreshed website, we are even more proud of the simple and effective online stores

The Integration of Health Mobius

By Kamal Haddad on 15 January 2016

People often ask about the capabilities of Health Mobius and how it can directly help their business.  Whether it’s a doctor, gym owner, non-profit organization, or even a new brand looking to promote their new product – Health

What is e-commerce?

By Kamal Haddad on 15 October 2015

E-commerce is a transaction activity that allows the trade of goods and services via the internet. It has become one of the most powerful tools for companies BIG and small. Though it is complicated, partnering with someone who