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Health Mobius HME Webstores, REAL E-Commerce Comes Standard

June 05 2019 / Health Mobius

Health Mobius HME Webstores, REAL E-Commerce Comes Standard By Health Mobius Chicago, IL There seem to be a lot of quality HME providers out there with “e-commerce” websites that, unfortunately, don’t have the ability to actually sell products online. They look

A Solution To Limited HME Retail Space

June 05 2019 / Health Mobius

A Solution To The Limited Amount Of HME Retail Space By Nick Napoli Chicago IL, Retail locations have limited shelf space. Store managers must carefully decide what to keep in stock and on the shelves every month when

HME / DME Market Watch: Three Things That All Providers Need To Actually Compete With Amazon

March 28 2019 / Health Mobius

Three Things HME/DME Providers Will Need To Compete With Amazon Three core services that HME/DME will need immediate access to in 2019 include: Wholesale or near-wholesale pricing  Full-service e-commerce  Product distribution with live customer service. ...and it needs [...]

Health Mobius Webstores® Offer HME / DME Manufacturers New Opportunities

February 15 2019 / Health Mobius

Why HME/DME Manufacturers Are Loving Health Mobius Health Mobius has seen tremendous excitement and support from manufacturers in the HME/DME space. Think about it. If you're a manufacturer of compression garments, for example, you probably spend an enormous [...]

Health Mobius Introduces New HME/DME Marketing Programs

February 04 2019 / Health Mobius

Health Mobius Now Offering HME/DME Marketing And Media Programs It's no secret at the Health Mobius office that I'm hesitant to even offer online marketing services unless we can really do it right on two fronts.  First, whatever [...]

Health Mobius Converts Your HME/DME Foot Traffic Into Online Sales

February 02 2019 / Health Mobius

An Important Message From Health Mobius To HME,DME, and Pharmacy Providers How can I put this... It ????  Doesn’t ????  Get ???? Easier ???? Than ???? This ???? This is a ‘drop the mic’ moment for the industry. I [...]

Health Mobius To Attend Medtrade 2019 In Atlanta

February 02 2019 / Health Mobius

What Did We Learn From Medtrade '18? I think the one thing that I learned is that this subject hits home for a lot of people. But at the same token, I think we as an industry, tend [...]

Health Mobius’ Order Fulfillment Service Has Evergreen Roots In Distribution

January 28 2019 / Health Mobius

The Early Days And Organic Growth Of Health Mobius We should define what it is that Health Mobius does and how we got here because I think this is really important. Our roots are in the distribution business. [...]

Health Mobius HME/DME Webstores® To Include Live Customer Service, Order Fulfillment

January 28 2019 / Health Mobius

HME/DME Product Distribution, Order Fulfillment, And Customer Service Are The New Standard Think about this, for a retailer to have an e-commerce presence, somebody has to be manning that website. Somebody has to be replying to customers and [...]

Register For The eRetail Experience At Medtrade 2018

September 05 2018 / Kamal Haddad

Register For The eRetail Experience At Medtrade 2018 Room C110 at the Georgia World Congress Center (Expo Level) Tuesday, Oct 16 Wednesday, Oct 17 11:00am - 12:00pm 10:30am - 11:30am 4:00pm - 5:00pm 1:30pm - 2:30pm   Medtrade [...]

Health Mobius’ Founder Kamal Haddad To Speak At Medtrade

August 31 2018 / Kamal Haddad

Stop Complaining about Amazon. You have the Competitive Advantage. Room: C211 Wednesday, October 17, 2018: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Free Medtrade Expo Pass Use Promo Code: HMEXPO When it comes to incremental online retail sale, Amazon is [...]

Health Mobius Is Not Scared Of Amazon, And You Shouldn’t Be Either

August 11 2018 / Kamal Haddad

Why Health Mobius Is Not Scared Of Amazon Entering The HME & Pharmacy Space Chicago, IL August 13, 2018, 10:00 AM CST Kamal Haddad, the founder of Health Mobius LLC, was recently asked to write an article for

Landmark Surgery Center’s Study on HealthySole Plus

January 05 2018 / Kamal Haddad

New HealththySole Plus Study Shows Reduction in Surgial Site Infections Landmark Surgery Center began a study of the HealthySole® Plus shoe sole disinfection system by incorporating it into their daily infection control protocol. The number one concern in

New Clinical Study Uncovers the Serious Risk Posed by Shoe Sole Pathogen Contamination

January 05 2018 / Kamal Haddad

Independent Clinical Study Uncovers the Serious Risk Posed by Shoe Sole Pathogen Contamination, its Link to HAI’s, and Germ-Sensitive Environments University of Houston’s Groundbreaking New Clinical Study Proves the HealthySole® HSPLUS to Be Highly Effective in Killing Pathogens

Define The Relationship Between Your Online And In-store Retail Spaces To Generate More Sales

August 25 2017 / Kamal Haddad

Define The Relationship Between Your Online And In-store Retail Spaces To Generate More Sales The objective of this series of articles is to trigger a discussion about online stores and explain the elements of e-commerce in nontechnical terms

Turnkey e-Commerce Service for HME Providers

August 23 2017 / Kamal Haddad

Turnkey e-Commerce Service For HME Providers Health Mobius eRetail services offer a range of turnkey e-commerce service for HME providers and DME pharmacies, so that they can focus on their core business.  Health Mobius sets up and manages

Elements of an E-Commerce Site

October 28 2016 / Kamal Haddad

The components of setting up and managing your website well by Kamal J. Haddad This article will focus on the components involved in setting up and managing an e-commerce website, as well as some available options for finding the

New Member Spotlight – Health Mobius

September 20 2016 / Kamal Haddad

Health Mobius is a software and Internet application developer specializing in medical, healthcare and fitness applications that help DME dealers, physicians, pharmacies, medical and healthcare facilities, and health clubs generate additional revenue. Their mission is to provide and

Medtrade Session: Using Technology to Generate Retail Cash Sales: The Next Steps

September 20 2016 / Kamal Haddad

Don’t already have a company website where your customers can complete a retail cash sales transaction online? Why not? The reality is that retail shelf space is hard to justify, keeping inventory in stock is expensive, setting up

Medtrade Speaker Spotlight – Boosting Online Sales

September 17 2016 / Kamal Haddad

The “usual suspects” at Medtrade are frequent presenters for a reason—they’re good. However, in 2016 there are a few new faces heading up educational sessions, including Kamal J. Haddad, CEO of Health Mobius LLC, Burr Ridge, Illinois. During

The Next Steps for Creating an Online HME Business

August 26 2016 / Kamal Haddad

By now, everyone knows DME/HME dealers and pharmacies should be selling online through their own websites. Some have gone down that path and succeeded, while others have failed. Perhaps more surprising is the number of folks who remain

Understanding the Caretail/Cash Sales Challenge

August 01 2016 / Kamal Haddad

See Our Article on Cash Sales in MedTrade’s August 1st Newsletter! To get a better understanding of how cash sales can help your business, Health Mobius has published an article in MedTrade’s August 1st Newsletter to help you get

#HealthMobiusHelpsSchools – An Exciting Announcement from Health Mobius!

March 25 2016 / Kamal Haddad

The entire idea behind Health Mobius is to help people, more specifically to help those who help others. While this generally means we help health care practitioners or personal trainers, we sometimes find ways to help those outside

Health Mobius Teams with Sigvaris to Enhance Retail-as-a-Service Offering

March 21 2016 / Kamal Haddad

Health Mobius announces a partnership with global manufacturer Sigvaris to allow healthcare and fitness providers, DME’s and chiropractors to sell compression therapy products online and profit. Health Mobius’ makes retail-as-a-service simple and effortless by handling all the logistics

Is It Time for a Refresh?

February 11 2016 / Kamal Haddad

Sometimes a website (especially a product site) can make a big difference in a person’s life. While we are proud of our own newly refreshed website, we are even more proud of the simple and effective online stores

The Integration of Health Mobius

January 15 2016 / Kamal Haddad

People often ask about the capabilities of Health Mobius and how it can directly help their business.  Whether it’s a doctor, gym owner, non-profit organization, or even a new brand looking to promote their new product – Health

What is e-commerce?

October 15 2015 / Kamal Haddad

E-commerce is a transaction activity that allows the trade of goods and services via the internet. It has become one of the most powerful tools for companies BIG and small. Though it is complicated, partnering with someone who