Online Networking Seminars

Keep up to date on what’s happening with manufacturers and the HME retail community


Wholesale Distribution Fully-Managed Webstore® Networking Seminars

Online Networking Seminars

Productive Networking Seminars

Online seminars provide an efficient, quick update from manufacturers. The sessions will be hosted online on the 1st Wednesday of every month. We will host 4 vendors per session to speak for 8-10 minutes on a variety of topics from introduction to new products, quick overview, proper application and sales techniques.

Productive Training Sessions

Productive training session are designed to provide in-depth product or sales training from manufacturers. These sessions will be hosted online several times per month. The sessions will usually last 30 -45 minutes and are designed to dig a little deeper into the subject matter.

Webstore Demos with Q&A

In addition to offering a free trial, we want to be available to answer specific questions and provide useful information on how to successfully build your online retail business.