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Wholesale Distribution Fully-Managed Marketplace® Networking Seminars

Brands can now look beyond traditional wholesale distribution. Grow your brand with direct-to-consumer business through the health and fitness providers that patients, members, and clients trust most. Health Mobius helps you connect directly with the consumer through our network of Healthcare and fitness providers, DME, Pharmacies, and Chiropractors.

Opportunity for Brand Owners

Healthcare providers, fitness professionals/gyms, DMEs and chiropractors can profit from selling medical, health and fitness products online to their patients, members and clients. Unfortunately, selling small product quantities through hospitals, medical centers, physicians, bariatric programs, health clubs and DME dealers can be costly, inefficient and frustrating.

How We Help Manufacturers, Brands & Distributors:

– Provide a valuable distribution source for your products in new markets and expand existing through a virtual footprint

– Update, maintain & syndicate your catalog through our network of providers that you approve

– Monitor MAP pricing AND provide you tracings

– Market and merchandise your products on the provider Webstore helping them drive retail sales

– Participate in product & sales training for HME, DME & Pharmacy & implement tools to help them profit from your products.

– Create a branded Webstore with only your products to serve as your corporate e-commerce Webstore OR to capture sales & tracings from individual territory managers.

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If you are a manufacturer of health-related products marketed through physicians, clinics, hospitals, weight-loss programs, dieticians, health and fitness centers, medical spas, or DME dealers, please contact us for more information at 630-325-5150. We would love to explore co-creating new distribution channels for your products.

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