We guarantee you will not find a faster, easier, more efficient path to selling retail home health, medical and fitness products online.


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Our History: We established our roots as a wholesale distributor, selling medical and home health equipment.  Our focus has always been on a wide selection of cash-sale items that can be drop shipped direct to patients.  We have always been technology geeks and develop tools to make it easier for our customers.  We continue to partner with more brands.

Our Philosophy: We have always believed that healthcare providers are in the best position to offer advice on the proper products and equipment that patients need.  But, there is a gap between knowing what patients need and being able to provide it easily. Where is the disconnect?  Online dealers have access to a bigger product selection and technology that retailers and providers do not.  So, we decided to build them.

Our Solution:  We provide you with all the tools necessary to compete with any online retailer by building you a Fully-Managed Marketplace that attaches an e-commerce platform to your existing HME/DME and pharmacy website without you having to manage the online store.  Offer as many or as few products to your patients using our proprietary platform. Help your patients by providing the items they need and want.  We will build it.  We will manage it.  You will profit.

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