A Solution To Limited HME Retail Space

By Health Mobius on 05 June 2019

A Solution To The Limited Amount Of HME Retail Space

By Nick Napoli

Chicago IL, Retail locations have limited shelf space. Store managers must carefully decide what to keep in stock and on the shelves every month when they order products.

Inevitably, customers still walk into HME stores, pharmacies, and showrooms asking for products that aren’t, despite our best efforts, available on the shelves.  In most cases, the salesperson or customer service rep suggests they check Amazon or Walmart to purchase these products.

This is a shame, and it doesn’t have to be the case.  Instead of saying “Check out Amazon for that product.” how about saying “We don’t have that on the shelves today but we can ship it to you right away.”?

And now you can do that with great ease.

A Webstore requires ZERO start up costs or long term contracts.  We build a real e-commerce Webstore using your company’s branding and stock it with 25,000 products from over 280 major HME brands. We host, manage, and update the store.  We pack and ship all your online orders direct from our warehouse in Illinois.  We handle all the customer service needs.  And then, our favorite part, we send you a check or direct deposit for your profits.

Selling HME products online, as cash sale items, just doesn’t get any easier than this. Please, stop losing sales to Amazon.

Sign up for a demo and we’ll build your Webstore ahead of time, for free.


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