Is It Time for a Refresh?

By Kamal Haddad on 11 February 2016

Sometimes a website (especially a product site) can make a big difference in a person’s life. While we are proud of our own newly refreshed website, we are even more proud of the simple and effective online stores we build for our clients –healthcare providers, fitness professionals, pharmacies, wellness coaches and more.

With a mission to merge health care and product availability in the most affordable and efficient way possible – getting our message out there through our website is critical.

Our research tells us that people in general would like immediate access to the products that the health and wellness professionals they trust recommend. We also know that once patients leave a healthcare provider’s office follow through diminishes. When we make product availability easy for our clients we not only give them an opportunity to create more revenue for their practice, but we provide better care for consumers. That’s something we are very passionate about.

Working with us gives a health and wellness professional the ability to expand the walls of their practice exponentially – without the need for valuable retail space.

So check out our newly refreshed website, and give us feedback. We think it tells our story in a simple and effective manner. If you are a brand or health and wellness professional, we want to hear from you.