Health Mobius “Buying Group” Standards Considered High

By Health Mobius on 05 March 2019

Health Mobius Redefining The Buying Group, Setting A New Standard

Health Mobius has the ability to offer providers immediate access to wholesale or near-wholesale pricing with no order minimums, a service traditionally offered through an old-fashioned buying group.

Not all companies that we’ve met with are bad at e-commerce.  In fact, some of them really do it well have little need for the Webstore.  These customers still find value in that they can purchase products from us because our company roots are in distribution.

So, you can join our buying group. It costs you absolutely nothing. We can give you one portal, a single access point, and you can buy any one of 25K products from over two hundred and eighty manufacturers from us at a very good price, regardless if you buy one scale a year or 100.  Use us as a distribution source. We will even blind-ship the order direct to your customers for home delivery.

There’s really two points to stress here. The first point is that a traditional buying group connects vendors/manufacturers to their membership base.  In our industry, buying groups service HME, DME, and Pharmacy by introducing vendors and to to the dealers themselves, giving them an opportunity to purchase products at a preferred price.  This concept has been around for hundreds of years and has not been updated in any significant way. So, the question we asked ourselves is what would an improved buying group relationship look like?

Our answer is simple.  An improved buying group experience introduces a web-based platform that allows vendors to connect directly to the members from a single portal. Members can all make purchases from a single portal into the manufacturer’s entire catalog. That’s really all we’ve done.

Buyer Group Visual Aid By Health Mobius

A visual representation of how Health Mobius connects manufacturers with providers through a single portal.

I don’t mean to oversimplify it, but what we’ve done is built a single platform, the vendors that we work with provide us with the content. This guarantees that their product images, descriptions, pricing etc are all managed and updated from a single portal.

Our providers are able to access all the products that we offer through that vendor without having to create an account with that vendor directly.

So, think about the efficiencies now. There are usually thousands of members represented in a buying group that now have a single portal to access hundreds of different manufacturers. And the manufacturer doesn’t have to create, manage, and maintain thousands of individual accounts. So we have one line of communication from the vendor to process orders and we’re able to get great pricing on behalf of our members.

Many manufacturers now have minimum purchasing standards in order to get good pricing. So, if you’re a provider that is not buying a lot of a certain category of product, it becomes very difficult for you to be able to compete online because of the price.  It becomes very different to open up an account with a manufacturer because the manufacturer has minimums or minimum quantities in order to get free shipping.

We’ve taken that completely off the table. There are no minimums and every single product that we offer for home delivery includes shipping. So we’ve made it easy to be able to do business with hundreds of manufactures and made it very simple for the manufacturers to maintain control of the product data.

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