New Member Spotlight – Health Mobius

By Kamal Haddad on 20 September 2016

Health Mobius is a software and Internet application developer specializing in medical, healthcare and fitness applications that help DME dealers, physicians, pharmacies, medical and healthcare facilities, and health clubs generate additional revenue. Their mission is to provide and manage the platform where medical, healthcare and fitness providers can capitalize on the products they recommend in order to improve compliance and increase revenue.

eRetail by Health Mobius is a simple solution to a complex problem.  HME/DME dealers and pharmacies need to offer more cash sale items to better engage their customers & generate additional revenue.  They can accomplish this by offering more products in-store or on-line.  The challenge for in-store is physical space requirements.  The challenge for on-line has to do with the uncertainties of eCommerce, especially with regards to technology, expertise and resources.  HME/DME dealers and pharmacies can now focus on their core business and in-store retail merchandising by outsourcing the entire on-line process to the experts.  Health Mobius will set-up & manage the entire eCommece platform, handle the online product catalog & payment to vendors, payment processing, shipping, customer service and sales tax processing for all online transactions on the eRetail platform.  Health Mobius can easily integrate with your existing website, blog or social media platforms if you have them, and help you engage with your customers & earn more revenue through eRetail.  Learn more at

This article was featured in Wednesday in Washington by American Association for Homecare. Kamal J. Haddad, CPA, founder and CEO of Health Mobius LLC, is an entrepreneur and well-known expert in the health care technology arena. He has a proven track record generating revenue through applications that integrate the care process and patient compliance with retail sales. For more information, visit