Health Mobius expands e-commerce for pharmacies

By Tan on 19 October 2020

Medical products distribution company Health Mobius has expanded its full-service e-commerce solutions designed to support pharmacies and providers of home medical equipment (HME) nationwide in response to COVID-19. The company recently announced that its online shopping platform, an

Your Business Should Be Online

By Jim Faulhaber on 03 September 2020

These past several months have not been easy. COVID-19 has created a rapid change in consumer lifestyles and shopping habits. The pandemic has changed the way we socialize, the way we work and the way we live. It

E-commerce done right

By Jim Faulhaber on 02 September 2020

CHICAGO – Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in mid-March, pharmacies and HME providers have been rushing to court online shoppers, but just because you build an e-commerce website, doesn’t mean they will come, says Kamal Haddad.

What are some retail strategies to consider for 2020?

By Jim Faulhaber on 11 December 2019

Stop selling “products.” Yes, I said stop selling products. Your customers can buy products from online retailers who entice them with a huge selection and rock-bottom prices. It is tough to compete with that if all you offer


By Jim Faulhaber on 01 September 2017

Welcome to the world of next-level business efficiency for HME providers. Although practices such as enhanced inventory management, predictive ordering, warehousing and product delivery services have existed as business strategies for quite some time, they are finding their