Health Mobius Introduces New HME/DME Marketing Programs

By Health Mobius on 04 February 2019

Health Mobius Now Offering HME/DME Marketing And Media Programs

It’s no secret at the Health Mobius office that I’m hesitant to even offer online marketing services unless we can really do it right on two fronts.  First, whatever marketing services that we offer, social media or otherwise, must provide great value to our HME/DME retailers.  Our inbound marketing plans need to focus on mastering the fundamentals first.  Meaning things like email marketing, blog writing, curated design etc are a great place to start.  Additionally,  our internal process for producing this media and content must scale for Health Mobius in a way that maintains and maybe even increases profitability but also continues to provide that value for our clients over time, so that we can all grow together as much as possible.

Marketing Plans That Focus On Your Current HME & DME Customers

I worry that people have this false sense that online marketing means you have to put products up on Google and pay per click for ads etc and I’m saying that’s all fine if you have a certain level of sophistication you can do that and by all means, we  now offer various media and marketing services if that’s your interest.

My question is why spend money using online ads to win a sale from a stranger on the internet, competing with thousands of online sellers for that product, when you have a patient right in front of you in your office or in your database? If you have a patient that you’re contacting to reorder supplies, why is it that you don’t take a minute to ask that patient if they also need incontinence products or bath safety products, or any additional item that is offered in your Webstore®?    

To me, that’s the first priority in my marketing plan. You don’t need to pay for that sale, it’s right in front of you. That sale is your customer. Your customer is buying these items right now, from somebody other than you. You don’t need to create the sale. The sale is pre-existing.

The thing that troubles me most is that with a lot of HMEs/DMEs that I talk to are actually pitching the sale to the patient they’re just forwarding the actual sale over to Amazon. So, they’re telling the patient that Grandma needs a bath transfer bench, I don’t sell it, but it’s available on Amazon. You’re spending the time talking about the features, and the products that would make it easier for Grandma to stay home a little longer. Why not capture that sale? Why not sell that item?  

We’re pushing those sales off to Amazon and then we’re complaining that Amazon is putting us out of business. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Marketing Plans Start With A Webstore® That Requires No Maintenance 

If you’re reading this, your company has likely made efforts to build out a beautiful e-commerce website and execute a cutting-edge marketing plan that drives the sort of qualified traffic that increases sales.  Either by hiring a company, in-house resources, or maybe by using some kind of a DIY platform to invest your precious time, rather than your precious money, into an e-commerce game plan that, at the end of the day, will always require ongoing maintenance and service to keep it functioning properly. There’s no secret to doing e-commerce right.  It’s either your time invested into hard work and consistency or it’s your company’s hard-earned capital.

Health Mobius Fully-Managed Webstores®

Health Mobius Fully-Managed Webstores®

I think the question is a do you have the staff, knowledge, and experience to run your own e-commerce store?  Other e-commerce stores are available, ranging in price anywhere from free to expensive, but that usually just gets your store.  Who’s going to populate it? Who’s going to update it? Who’s going to keep the products current and keep inventory updated? Who’s going to provide the security certificate? Who’s going to provide the customer service? Who’s going to provide the credit card processing?

So, you have two options one is you can use a self-service e-commerce solution.  WooCommerce provides a free application. Magento provides a free application.

If you’re willing to do all of the work to run that store, these could be great options. If you’re willing to be responsible for every little thing like the pictures being properly displayed, product descriptions, keeping the content accurate etc, that is an option.

The question I ask is if Health Mobius can provide a service for $39/month to take all of that off your company’s plate, wouldn’t you be interested in that option?  You couldn’t hire somebody to do anything anywhere for $39/month. You can’t even get a good platform for $39/month.

Your Company’s New Webstore® Is Live!  Now What?

It’s time to announce your new Webstore® to the world. It’s time to let your customers know that your company offers an improved buying experience, that they can now buy HME / DME products from you directly.

HME & DME Retail Marketing Programs

Health Mobius helps HME DME retailers convert foot traffic into online customers by offering marketing materials like brochures, bag-stuffers, posters, etc.


HM Tri-fold Brochure Programs

Health Mobius Retail Marketing Programs


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HME & DME Online Marketing Programs

Health Mobius helps HME DME retailers announce and stay connected to their customers, month after month, by offering e-Mail Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO, and Social Media services.

Health Mobius e-Mail Marketing Services

Health Mobius e-Mail Marketing Services


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The Ultimate Return On Investment

They say that happiness is the only ROI that matters in life.  Managing an e-commerce website is stressful. Even just writing about it is stressful.  I’m sure reading about it is stressful. How much is your happiness worth?

Well, at Health Mobius, we can build the website, stock it so that it’s preloaded with products and ready for sales, manage and update inventory, monitor and update pricing to stay competitive, update product images and descriptions, and the list goes on.  You will never have to touch your Webstore, I guarantee it.

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