Health Mobius Converts Your HME/DME Foot Traffic Into Online Sales

By Health Mobius on 02 February 2019

An Important Message From Health Mobius To HME,DME, and Pharmacy Providers

How can I put this…

It ????  Doesn’t ????  Get ???? Easier ???? Than ???? This ????

This is a ‘drop the mic’ moment for the industry. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why a patient walks into your store and you have to tell them “No” when an option exists like Health Mobius that will give you thousands upon thousands of HME products, cash sale products, accessible from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

You have customers walking into your stores asking you for products that you do not sell. We plead with you to work with us so when you get a customer, instead of telling them “No” your response ought to be, “We don’t seem to have it here in-store, but we do have it online and we can ship it to you in just a day or two.”

If you’re not already doing e-commerce correctly, and if you’re limited in shelf space, the physical space that you have in your location, you must look into expanding the products that you offer your customers online to supplement your limited physical shelf space.

Convert HME, DME, Pharmacy Foot Traffic Into Online Sales

A customer is standing in your store and you don’t have what they want on the shelves.  So, using a computer, tablet, smartphone, kiosk, etc, log into your company’s Webstore and purchase that product or a similar product.  We accept the payment from the customer and the item is shipped directly to the customer.

It’s a simple process. The customer pays retail. We deduct the wholesale cost of the product and some fees for ourselves because we’re entitled to make just a little bit of money, and the net amount is due to you.

Now, since we literally handle everything, you can just focus on getting those online sales.

You’ve spent no money up front for inventory. You’ve spent no money on stock or shelf space. You have not had to pick, pack, or ship anything and if anything comes up, we’re dealing with the customer service headaches.  Where does it get easier than this?  Let us know in the comments

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