We identified a gap between retail sales and the technology required to compete online.

…so we built a bridge.


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We built an enterprise portal that easily and efficiently gets thousands of cash sale products listed and sold on branded HME & Pharmacy Webstores®. Retailers can now sell thousands of additional items from a virtual warehouse without investing money into inventory, floor space, or “web stuff.”

We Help Providers Compete With Amazon

It’s difficult to compete with Amazon because of the retail giant’s pricing, product selection, and technology.  However, HME dealers dominate when it come’s to customer service and human interaction.  Health Mobius developed the technology required and then partnered with manufacturers and brands to help level the playing field.

The Gap Between Retail & Technology
Redefining The HME Buying Group

We Help Manufacturers, Brands, & Distributors.

We created an enterprise portal where manufacturers and distributers can get their products listed and sold on our HME & Pharmacy Webstores®.  We upload your entire catalog and then keep your product information current across all our provider’s Webstores®.  We help our providers drive sales and profit from your products.  We also monitor MAP pricing and provide you tracings.

We Help HME, DME, & Pharmacy

Health Mobius creates your e-commerce website, backed with a virtual warehouse containing more than 25,000 cash-sale products from hundreds of manufacturers, and provides a tech team to manage it all. We manage the product catalog, live chat, inventory, and pricing. We process orders, submit PO and pay vendors. We handle all financial and sales tax reporting.

HMEs can now compete with Amazon