Health Mobius serves business that want to grow retail sales

but don’t want to manage an e-commerce presence.

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Selling retail medical and home health products for incremental sales is, by now, a no brainer.  But integrating the latest products, technology & means of customer engagement with a fully managed solution – quickly, efficiently, inexpensively and at scale – most certainly is not.

Welcome to Health Mobius!

Fully Managed Webstore

Experience the fastest, easiest and most efficient path to selling thousands of products from anywhere & on any device. Let us do all the “web stuff” and back-end work to get orders to your customers so you can focus on your core business.

Marketing Services

We have partnered with web marketers to assist you in marketing your business and Webstore with your existing as well as potential patients, members & clients. Add SEO, Google AdWords, merchant reviews, social media & blog post services to help you succeed.

Product Distribution

Get access to over 25K retail incremental & cash sale products from many industry manufacturers and distributors from a single platform. Access our catalog for your retail stocking needs as well as your Webstore, often at the same or better pricing than a buying group.

“I am tired of hearing about the latest, greatest, most powerful websites, catalogs & e-commerce solutions. I just want someone to run it for me so I can focus on my core business!”

Here is how it works…

We set up

host and manage your branded Webstore

We integrate

your Webstore with your existing website

We manage catalog,

inventory and product pricing

We handle customer service

& live chat for Webstore

We handle order fulfillment

& customer notification

We handle financial reporting

& sales tax calculations

We provide you

with retail price and your wholesale cost

Your customer shops

and pays retail

We report

& deduct the cost of the product and fees.

You keep the difference

It is the mission of Health Mobius to make this simple, effortless and profitable for you.
YOUR Webstore: Created. Stocked. Fully Managed.