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#HealthMobiusHelpsSchools – An Exciting Announcement from Health Mobius!

The entire idea behind Health Mobius is to help people, more specifically to help those who help others. While this generally means we help health care practitioners or personal trainers, we sometimes find ways to help those outside our industries.

That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of #HealthMobiusHelpsSchools!

We will be giving away between 30-50 pedometers each to schools in need!

So if you know a school that could use some pedometers, completely free of charge, send them here.

Here are the rules:

  1. Follow Health Mobius on Twitter or Facebook.
  2. Tweet or share why you think your school should get free pedometers.
  3. Use the hashtag #HealthMobiusHelpsSchools and make sure to use the name of your school!
  4. The more people who enter the better the chances for that school!

That’s all. Good luck to all the great schools out there.

Health Mobius PD-526

Health Mobius PD-526

Health Mobius PD-926

Health Mobius PD-926

Health Mobius Teams with Sigvaris to Enhance Retail-as-a-Service Offering

Health Mobius announces a partnership with global manufacturer Sigvaris to allow healthcare and fitness providers, DME’s and chiropractors to sell compression therapy products online and profit. Health Mobius’ makes retail-as-a-service simple and effortless by handling all the logistics of a fully operational online store for those who recommend these products to their clients or patients – from stocking the catalog and shipping the products to handling payments and maintaining the site.

“Health Mobius is excited to be working with a prominent manufacturer like Sigvaris as we expand our retail-as-a-service offering,” said Kamal Haddad, president of Health Mobius LLC. “We can get a fully stocked, online store up and running for a client in 48 hours. Plus, it’s risk-free and stress-free.”

The Health Mobius retail-as-a-service program allows providers to offer patients access to a customized, fully stocked, online catalog of health products from any location – the office, waiting room, or their home. The online stores are accessible from mobile devices as well, so patients can experience one-stop shopping convenience.

“This program is ideal for those interested in selling Sigvaris products, but don’t have the space to stock inventory, the time to manage an online store or the sales logistics, and who want to earn extra income,” Haddad says.

Health Mobius is offering SIGVARIS customers 30% off the initial one-time set up fee. The initial investment is as low as $750 for a full ecommerce site, and only $30 per month to maintain.

For more information, contact Health Mobius at (855) 640-9500 or visit

To view the live press release, click here.

About Health Mobius

Health Mobius LLC is a software and internet application developer specializing in healthcare. Our sister company is a major online distributor of health, medical, and fitness products. Through our all-inclusive web store service, Health Mobius provides companies with a turn-key online store, a wide array of health-related products and complete management & processing services. Health Mobius also provides wholesale distribution and drop-ship services for DME dealers, physicians, home healthcare entities, health facilities, pharmacies, as well as, online dealers and distributors.

Is It Time for a Refresh?

Sometimes a website (especially a product site) can make a big difference in a person’s life. While we are proud of our own newly refreshed website, we are even more proud of the simple and effective online stores we build for our clients –healthcare providers, fitness professionals, pharmacies, wellness coaches and more.

With a mission to merge health care and product availability in the most affordable and efficient way possible – getting our message out there through our website is critical.

Our research tells us that people in general would like immediate access to the products that the health and wellness professionals they trust recommend. We also know that once patients leave a healthcare provider’s office follow through diminishes. When we make product availability easy for our clients we not only give them an opportunity to create more revenue for their practice, but we provide better care for consumers. That’s something we are very passionate about.

Working with us gives a health and wellness professional the ability to expand the walls of their practice exponentially – without the need for valuable retail space.

So check out our newly refreshed website, and give us feedback. We think it tells our story in a simple and effective manner. If you are a brand or health and wellness professional, we want to hear from you.

The Integration of Health Mobius

People often ask about the capabilities of Health Mobius and how it can directly help their business.  Whether it’s a doctor, gym owner, non-profit organization, or even a new brand looking to promote their new product – Health Mobius can help.  The program’s philosophy is to become an intricate part of your care strategy.

Let’s say you are a personal trainer.  Every day, your clients ask for recommendations.  How can I track my activity?  How many calories did I just burn?  What should I be eating?  All these questions lead you to accommodating their health needs by sending them to Sports Authority or Walgreens to get the products they desire.  Why not have your own online store to supply the products your clients want?  This program will not only allow you to provide the product and service, but will allow you to get paid for your efforts.  It is another stream of income for your business and a whole different dynamic to your business model.  Imagine promoting a brand new service for your business without hiring additional staff that gets you paid for work you ARE ALREADY DOING!  Health Mobius can bring this reality to life.

Social Media has become a primary source for businesses to share information with their fans and followers.  From Twitter to Instagram – people promote their business through these channels.  Health Mobius understands the versatility of the web and will integrate your social networks onto your online store.  Whether you already have your own website or would like the online store to be your home-base – we can integrate our program into your business.  Come see what Health Mobius can do for you today!

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a transaction activity that allows the trade of goods and services via the internet. It has become one of the most powerful tools for companies BIG and small. Though it is complicated, partnering with someone who understands e-commerce is not. There are a lot of professionals that can help provide the components for a reliable, secure, and successful e-commerce strategy.

A few things that are essential to a successful e-commerce store include:

  • A secure hosting company
  • PCI Compliant shopping cart software (for secure checkouts)
  • A payment processor (to accept credit cards)
  • A SSL certificate
  • Content management system

Though this doesn’t seem to be much, finding a reliable source for the products you wish to sell is another dilemma. You will need staff to maintain the site, manage your product catalog, and process orders you receive. Even if you did not want to stock products and you only drop-shipped, you still need to handle customer service inquiries, questions, returns, purchase orders to the distributor, and other work that requires a multi-task oriented staff.

Sure, there are companies out there that will build an online store for you. Though they will give you all the tools you need to build a tree house – you still need to build the tree house yourself. If you are willing to handle customer service, management of your own product catalog, hiring your own staff, and order processing – check out our wholesale-only drop ship program here: BUT, if you want to focus on the core of your business and leave the e-commerce (tree house building) to us, there is no better option than Health Mobius. It is your own turnkey online store that is fully managed by our accommodating and knowledgeable e-commerce team. Come see what Health Mobius can do for you today!

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