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Our mission is to provide simple, effortless & profitable Webstores that increase operational efficiency, decrease customer frustration, and become an integral part of your care strategy.

About Health Mobius LLC

Health Mobius is a software and Internet application developer specializing in medical, healthcare and fitness applications that help DME dealers, physicians, pharmacies, medical and healthcare facilities, and health clubs generate additional revenue through eRetail℠. Health Mobius provides a fully-managed & custom branded Webstore which is stocked with thousands of SKU’s in order to make it easy to facilitate the sale of product to patients, members and clients without sacrificing retail space and resources of running an Online Store. Health Mobius sets up, hosts and manages the entire process, including payment processing, fulfillment services, customer service, payment distribution and sales tax reporting.

Health Mobius also provides wholesale distribution and drop-ship services for DME dealers, physicians, home healthcare entities, health facilities, pharmacies as well as online dealers and distributors. If you already have an ecommerce site you are happy with or need a supplier for the brands we carry, please visit the wholesale-only drop-ship website at for additional information or to set up an account.


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